Tournament Battle Report Camelot, February (part 2)

Second game of the day, was against CSM. I have to say that this player has won some tournaments before, and he is the player that plays the most races that I know. I have seen him playing orks, eldar, CSM and he is doing nids. Anyways, here’s the list:


Lash prince

8 bersekers w/ fist

5 plague marines w/ fist, 2 meltas, rhino

5 plague marines w/ 2 meltas

9 oblits

Termicide w/ 2 combi-meltas & heavy flamer

LR (assigned to termicide)

This list was the one that I feared the most in the tournament. He had no less than 11 lascannons and Abbadon is a beast. In my zone most players that play chaos play Abbadon or double lash princes, and the first one is the one I fear the most.

The game was table quarters, 2 objectives, also known as the “draw mission”

He elected to go first and I reserved everything but the council, which I deployed in the extreme edge of the table out of range of everything.

He deployed 9 oblits in some cover, the LR, Abbadon with friends next to it and the prince. Plagues were in reserve.

Turn 1

He embarked in the LR and advanced. Oblits moved forward and were out of range. Prince was behind the LR.

I fortuned my council and passed the turn.

Turn 2

He moved forward the LR and prince like shown in the photo. His oblits advanced to try to get range into my council, but he made a mistake. They were way too near to my table edge, and they will pay for it. He fired into my council I think 2 plama cannons, to no effect (thanks to fortune). In addition he got both plage squads from reserves and deployed in his objective.

My turn reserves entered the battlefield. I got a fire dragon serpent (the one with autarch) they disembarked near the oblits and vaporised them. I also got a fire prism, which killed 1 oblit more. My serpent with DA took a shot with lances to the LR, but scored nothing.

I was overall pretty pleased with that turn. Despite only 3 tanks entering from reserves, I had managed to take down 4 oblits, and I had 1 FD serpent in reserves, so I maintained the “don’t get near my table edge status on the LR”

Turn 3

He said screw it and advanced the LR max speed into my lines (he was in range to receive melta-death from dragons. He popped smoke and tried to lash my council (getting a wound on the prince. Yay for runes) He retaliated with the oblits and exploded my prism. He deepstruck termicide squad in front of serpent which had killed oblits, and immobilised it whith melta. Here we had a small rules argument: he tried to flame my serpent to kill the dragons that were behind. I said no way because the flamer couldn’t hurt the serpent, but I couldn’t find anything in the rulebook, so I let him do that. He killed 4 dragons, but I held.

My turn I decided to go big, and risk my council. I got fortune on the council and doom on the prince. All my reserves entered thanks to the autarch. My fire dragons made the LR go boooom. It was really close, because he had smoke, but 2 pens managed to go through it. Then the falcon killed the prince all by himself. I flamed the bersekers to death and killed everyone but two regular and the fist and Abbadon. My prism managed to kill the center oblits. I then charged the council into the bersekers. I killed two regular serkers and Abbadon killed 3 warlocks with an impressive 8 attacks.

In the other corner, I fired melta into the termicide and assaulted, scoring 1 casualty. The FD died also.

I felt pretty good about this turn, because I had abbadon locked in the middle, far enough from my objective and oblits were falling like nothing.

Turn 4

He fired plasma into the serpent which had disembarked FD, catching in the blast the whole unit of FD and the serpent. He did nothing to the serpent, but killed the dragons and he put 1 wound on Abbadon with a lucky (for me) scatter.

In the brutal combat Abbadon killed 3 more warlocks and I killed nothing. Damn fist 4 3+ saves and he still was up. At least my farseer was far enough in the unit to not take part in the combat. (I lined the unit and kept my farseer in the back when charging, because I didn’t want to get insta-killed. Because of my serpent and the crowded combat he was unable to make it into combat until 2 turns later).

In my turn I screwed pretty bad and forgot to cast powers, but I managed to kill 2 more oblits and began to head for chaos’ objective with 2 serpents. In the autarch combat nothing was happening and it was really pointless because it was far from the objectives.

In the combat phase my council got destroyed, but my farseer (which was out of combat still) didn’t die and held (phew!)

Turn 4

He killed my farseer.

I shot everything into Abbadon and friend and killed friend. I got into position to turn 5 contest with 1 serpent and parked a serpent with troops into my objective.

Turn 5

He advanced with Abbadon towards my objective and shot the serpent which had contesting range to no effect.

I shot Abbadon to death, but I committed a big mistake. I disembarked the DA and I deployed them from the serpent in a position where they were about 4’’ from the objective. I also tank shoked. He death or glory with 1 squad of plagues and the melta gunner died. I have to say he placed the units in a way that I had to tank shock 2 units with meltas to get to the objective. The second meltagunner that stood in my way killed the serpent. We rolled to see if it ended and it continued.

Turn 6

I moved my DA back into the serpent and it was clearly a draw so no point into continuing.

So second game was a draw 1-1. I got to play against nids in the 3rd game. I was pretty excited to see if they were that badass, but it turned out they weren’t.

List was:

Swarmlord w/ 3 tyrant guards



2 gaunt squads

4 stealers units, 1 with broodlord

3 hive guard

3 zoantrophes

It was annihilation and dawn of war. Dawn of war is without doubts the best deployment for me and I made him go first. When he said that nothing was going to outflank or deepstrike, I knew I had won.

I simply deployed my council to cast fortune. When my tanks arrived (no reserves, but DoW) I put my council in front of my tanks and began to shoot with everything. I managed to kill the swarmlord, tyrant guard, zoantrophes and almost the hive guard, but there was one alive at the end of the game. He got one lucky killpoint from hive guard killing 1 serpent.

In the whole game there wasn’t a single close combat because I didn’t want to go out with the council risking 2 killpoints, and avoided cc. It made for a really boring game. He slowly advanced while I shot the crap out of him. He didn’t even cross midfield because I was killing the nearest enemy. Every unit that I had in a transport stayed in it until the end.

I think the pic was turn 3 or 4, and the prism without the flying stand was not immobilised, the stand broke during game 2.

The game ended 3-1 victory for me.

I won the tournament and I got 40€ in store credit, which I gave to my friend because I have everything I need in my army.

It was a fun day, with the best game being game 2. The opponent is a pleasure to play against. I was a bit disappointed from game 3, but I think it was a bad matchup for the nids.



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