Tournament Battle Report Camelot, February

Tournament Battle report Camelot February

There were 8 players at the tournament. They were fielding these armies:

2 space wolves

2 chaos space marines

1 Eldar (me)

1 Black Templar (a friend of mine)

1 Nids

1 Imperial Guard

My list was:

1 Farseer: jetbike, both runes, fortune, doom, spirit stones: 185

8 warlocks: jetbike, 3 destructor, 2 embolden, 1 enhance: 415

1 Autarch: meltagun, power weapon: 90

5 Fire dragons: 80

1 Serpent: 2 shuricannons, spirit stones: 120

5 Fire dragons: 80

1 Serpent: 2 shuricannons, spirit stones: 120

6 Dire avengers: 72

1 Serpent: brightlances, shuricannon: 145

6 Dire avengers: 72

1 Serpent: brightlances, shuricannon: 145

5 Dire avengers: 60

1 Falcon: shuricannon, scatter laser, holofields: 175

2 Fire prism: 1 with shuricannon: 240

The first game of the day was against wolves. Mission was 5 loot counters 12’’ deployment. His list:

5 thunderwolves with fist, mbombs x2, 2 shields, mixed to allow wound allocation.

2 rune priests with jaws, 1 living lightning and another one I don’t remember

2 wolf priests

3 squads of grey hunters (2 in rhino with wolf guard in terminator armour, 1 with wolf priest; 1 on foot with cyclone wolf guard and 1 r priest)

1 squad of naked wolf guard in rhino (1 fist, 1 wolf priest)

3 long fangs units, with missiles, lascanons and multimeltas

Both priests took bikes to reroll hits.

I was a little worried here as I hadn’t played wolves before, and he had plenty of firepower and anti-psykers. He elected to go 1st and deployed as in the photo.

Long fangs in the 3 ruins, rhinos as shown and thunderwolves behind the building.

I deployed out of los and didn’t try to steal the initiative. (obviously)

He advanced towards me and had a reaaaaaally small gap through he could see the clear plastic window (part of it) on my far fire prism. He shot and did nothing.

My firs turn I fortuned my council, moved towards nearest long fangs and took shots with my prisms, to no effect (I think I killed the lf sarge).

His 2nd he fired everything at mi council, scoring 2 dead. Note I was keeping my farseer and the rear of the unit so she could cast fortune unmolested. He also stunned my left prism with a melta in the grey hunters in the far rhino.

Mi 2nd I flamed the right lf killing all but the lascannon, he passed LD and I was too far to assault. I also brought in 3 tanks thanks to autarch. The 2 with dragons turboboosted.


His 3rd he advanced towards the council and killed some more. He also blew up my prism, but I killed nobody. He shot the lf at my 2 serpents that had turboboosted and killed both, pinning 1 unit of FD. Amazing turn of shooting for him, but he failed to cast living lightning and periled.

My 3rd turn I decided to go big and fortuned my council, failed to doom his thunderwolves (due to range, I was keeping my farseer far from rune priests) and brought all my tanks in. I tank shocked the thunderwolves in hopes of breaking them and make they run off the table, but they passed Ld. I blew the rhino up with FD and shot the thunderwolves a bit, causing 3 wounds. Then I flamed both thunderwolves and grey hunters and multi assaulted. I managed to kill the rune priest and did nothing to thunderwolves, who then proceeded to own my council, killing 3. I passed morale.

4th turn the far grey hunters embarked in the rhino and began to head for the objective. He shot down my serpent that turboboosted to tank shock with LF, I passed LD on the avengers. He charged everything in the middle combat, with wolf priests to boost him. He assaulted FD with were pinned. My council did nothing in the assault phase and got reduced to a warlock and the farseer with 1 wound left. I passed Ld again.

We were running out of time, so we hurried a bit. I assaulted the small wolf guard unit who killed my FD with the autarch  after firing them with meltas. They got reduced to wolf priest and 1 regular guy. I shot down the rhino that was heading for the objective with the falcon and killed the centre LF with prism and avenger fire. The actual impressive thing was the centre combat. The council did nothing, as usual, and they got wounded a looot, but then I proceeded to pass every an all my saves. My dice were on fire this turn.

His last turn he footslogged onto an objective with the only troop he had that wasn’t locked in the centre combat. He then reduced the avengers to a man with LF and killed his own rune priest due to RoW. (I love this little things, RoW is mandatory in every list I will say). In the assault phase my council did a wound on a thunderwolf and he whiffed with his attacks, which combined with fortune kept the council alive.

It was my last turn (5th) and I won easily (I’m eldar so just contest objectives where needed and hold 1) I contested the one with footsloggers on it with the falcon, and held 1 with a serpent with avengers. The one near the combat was contested just in case by the lone avenger.

Battle 1 victory: 1-0

Next round I faced against chaos in bases, I’ll do the report later, hope you enjoyed thin one.



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